Welcome To RazDC.com!

This is what we stand for.

The RazDC Vision

Our vision is to build the world’s most affordable and easy-to-use Active Directory server.

Our Mission

Our mission is providing a platform that connects people and things in a secure, simple, seamless way. RazDC uses secure connections that are ensured by a mix of hardware and software based security built for business. We bring value to our customers enabling solutions for the big three: affordability, connectivity, managability.

Our Goals

To improve the industry standard by making business technology more affordable and more functional.

About Us

Brief History

RazDC was originally founded in 2013. Bryan was working as an I.T. technician when a customer's server crashed, and they were unable to afford a new one. Being a small business, it was not financially viable for them to purchase a new server. With so much hardware and software available there had to be a better solution. Bryan began digging for answers and only found partial solutions. Cheap harware that would not support the software or software that was difficult to configure. At this point, Bryan began working on an alterntive solution that would be affordable and easy to use. The solution was to be simple, secure, and seamless. RazDC was born.

A Difference

RazDC first appeared inline in 2015 as an open-source platform for linux. From 2015-2020 RazDC versions 1,2, and 3 have been downloaded thousands of times by users all over the world!

A New Approach

Rather that releasing a software product that still required a heavy technical hand, A better approach could still be found. A fully integrated hardware appliance. A device that would function as a server at the cost of a business class router or modem. No moving parts prone to mechanical failure, Minimal electrical usage, and a smaller footprint than any other business server in the world.

Even though RazDC is taking a harware approach, RazDC will continue to release and support an open-source version of the project.

"Not all business software is created equally."
We are determined to create a solution that would allow a business to own and operate servers without the added cost.